Can we save your company money?

Group Health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated!

Let us save you time and money by finding the best insurance options available to you and your employees…

We are looking for the opportunity to review your Group Health Insurance.

There are a number of products available to you that allow you to tailor the types of coverage you would like to offer your employees. Group Health Insurance provides peace of mind for you and your employees providing inpatient cover and the ability to extend the coverage with outpatient, maternity, dental and optical benefits.

In addition to the standard company group cover that you choose, you can provide your employees the opportunity to ‘top-up’ the cover you have provided them to meet their personal and family requirements at a minimal cost.


Why choose International Protection Group?

We are extremely passionate about providing the best coverage for our clients and endeavour to provide a holistic service to take the pressure away from you. Best of all we provide all of our quotes free with no-obligations.


What is the process for applying for group health insurance?

We’re here to make your job easier…

We have put together the simple steps below for choosing and applying for a group health insurance plan:

  1. Tell us about your company and employees by submitting the form at www.ipg.sg
  2. We will then provide you with health insurance quotes with the information provided.
  3. You can then compare the different plan rates and benefits to find the plan that best meets your company’s and employee’s needs.
  4. You’ll be assigned a licensed consultant to speak and meet with for personal help selecting a plan and starting the application process.
  5. Our team can help answer both yours and your employees with any questions or concerns you may have. We also provide workshops and top-up insurance options for employees.

International Protection Group can save you time and money on your company’s insurance. We pride ourselves on our holistic service and our tailored recommendations.


If you would like your company’s policy reviewed please get in contact: Elizabeth Wright, Marketing Manager at International Protection Group - marketing@ipg.sg