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  • Health Insurance - are you fully protected?

    I think we would all agree that health insurance is a pretty important part of life. More-so as we grow older. A great deal of people rely on their employer to provide some type of health insurance in their employment benefit package, but is that insurance always enough?

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  • 5 Travel insurance tips you will want to know about

    At IPG we suggest spending a few minutes getting wise to what you are actually covered for under your travel insurance policy and five tips to make life easier when looking for your next policy.

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  • Up the creek without a paddle and a baby on board!

    I love my kids, I love them so much that I could say with certainty that I absolutely was not having any more.

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  • Expats - 3 simple steps to provide protection for our children

    When my eldest child was born, I would often lie awake worrying if she was still breathing or had fed enough. Stage by stage the worries would change; was she ever going to walk, was she ever going to talk, was she ever going to stop talking? Over the years I have learned that I can neither stop worrying nor control the outcome. Nevertheless I believe that as parents raising our children in a foreign country there are simple steps that we can and should take to provide a basic level of protection for them.

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  • Top up or pay up

    So cut to a recent conversation with one of my insurance clients… “We already have insurance from work” “Great, who with” “XYZ company….why are you smiling? Is something wrong?” “Not at all, that’s really good news, your policy is a really good policy”

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  • Can we save your company money?

    Group Health insurance doesn’t have to be complicated! Let us save you time and money by finding the best insurance options available to you and your employees…

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